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Your Practice is unique, so why shouldn't your marketing be?

Marketing should be tailored to your clinic

your goals, your brand, and most importantly your patients. Broaden your options of marketing that work, whether it is online, offline, or patient experience.

Our team is transforming healthcare marketing

We help clinics reach new patients online using Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, SEO, social media, email campaigns, and high-ranking websites on Google.
We help clinics resonate with patients offline using custom signage and stationery, direct mail, referral programs, and branding. Our recommendations are based on thorough research.
We help clinics create a ‘wow’ experience through practitioner and admin experience training, culture creation, patient follow-ups, and by improving the patient journey.

Our team works to scale your clinic

So your practitioners can bill more and you can
make time for what matters most to you.

We help you acquire
new patients

So they can experience your difference,
your practice, and your care.

We help you keep patients &
inspire them

So patients become brand ambassadors and achieve more in life through better health.

We’re unlike any marketing agency

Cancel anytime

No 12 month contracts. You can give us 30 days notice and simply cancel with no penalties or surprises.

You own everything

From your website to your ad account, hosting, creative, domain, licenses, and design. Our clients have access and own everything.


We build custom scorecards to tie your revenue and growth to ours. We provide a monthly report of what we actually did and are going to do next month.

Our clients are transforming patient experience

Have questions?

We promise to listen

Fill in your name and email below and we will reach out to you to schedule a time for a phone call to discuss your marketing needs.

    Custom solutions to your unique needs

    We aspire to change the healthcare experience

    Visiting the clinic shouldn’t be a dread, a need, a last resort, or another problem to solve. Why can’t we look forward to seeing our friends in health? Being proactive about one’s health can save billions in healthcare costs. Better health is simply a higher quality of life for us and for the ones around us. It is a gift. It is a privilege. We want to change the healthcare experience for people by transforming clinics to become exceptional. Where marketing is not boring them into liking you, or selling them to book with you. Where people will miss your social media if you stop posting. They are a part of your brand’s story unfolding, they bring fresh coffee for your staff, and know about your family history as much as you do theirs. We are Panel Marketing, and we invite you to transform the healthcare experience with us.

    The science

    How do you name your healthcare clinic?

    In our most recent study we reviewed 1,499 Canadian chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics to determine what commonly makes up their names. Our research led us to some interesting answers.

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