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About us

Panel Marketing™ is a marketing firm that answers the “what do we do?” and “how do we do it?” questions for our clients. We answer this through research and by assigning a specialized panel of marketing experts to create the right plan of action to achieve your goals. Once we answer these questions we are able execute strategies for your success.

What we help you with

We are top-level consultants that plan your marketing and then execute for your success.

We are transforming healthcare marketing

Visiting the clinic shouldn’t be a dread, a need, a last resort, or another problem to solve. Why can’t we look forward to seeing our friends in health? Being proactive about one’s health can save billions in healthcare costs. Better health is simply a higher quality of life for us and for the ones around us. It is a gift. It is a privilege.
We want to change the healthcare experience for people by transforming clinics to become exceptional. Where marketing is not boring them into liking you, or selling them to book with you. Where people will miss your social media if you stop posting. They are a part of your brand’s story unfolding, they bring fresh coffee for your staff, and know about your family history as much as you do theirs. We are Panel Marketing, and we invite you to transform the healthcare experience with us.


We want to transform the patient experience of clinics and their marketing.


To become a company that empowers 1,000 clinics to do more for their patients.


Results for the Client. We focus on helping our clinics reach their goals.
Excellence. We do everything worthy of making headlines.
Accountability. We do what we say, when we say.
Difference maker. Thinking big. Making an Impact.


A process that works

It took us a year to develop the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive marketing plan on the market, and we coupled it with tools, modules, and tests to ensure it effectiveness. When executing strategies we compile key data from our work to analyze what is working and what isn’t. At each stage we are continuously improving our process and performance.


Quality over quantity

At Panel, we don’t work with every clinic. For those we do work with we are vested in their long-term success. Our success is tied to yours and we work to ensure all of our work is reaches the highest standard of quality. How do we ensure quality? We employ a diverse and an experienced team of marketers. Our process includes over 50 quality checks that are systemic and conducted by people. Additionally, we spend 10% of our week learning new media, consumer and economic trends so we remain experts of our industry.

A team that cares

We are marketers that put the success of our clients first. Being patients of healthcare ourselves we understand what being on the other side means. Meet our team and panelists below.

Panelists and team members


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Marketing Strategist


Marketing Strategist


Marketing Strategist


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Quantitative Research


Qualitative Research

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