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Jenelle Wohlberg

Marketing Strategist

Jenelle Wohlberg is a storyteller by nature. She loves cutting through the clutter to help identify the compelling story behind a company’s brand. What do you do better than anyone else and why is this important to your potential clients? With close to two decades of professional experience Jenelle has helped organizations in the political; government, non-profit and corporate realms achieve their communications and public relations goals. Jenelle’s clients have included BP Energy Company, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, The City of Calgary, Brown & Associates Planning Group and New Life Centres Society. Jenelle is a light hearted and authentic communicator that believes true change emanates from individual change and that the only spin that works is spinning a company’s true and best story into a living, breathing legend represented by the actions of its employees and told voluntarily and consistently by their clients. Jenelle is also an active volunteer in the local school system and community association.

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