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Lee Hennig

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Originally (and forever) a New Yorker, Lee started her writing career in junior high, serving as columnist for a local city paper as their youngest contributor in history. She spent years building a portfolio as a freelance journalist, appearing in Vancouver Sun, The Province, Postpartum Progress, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, and more. Lee wanted to take her actions a step further, and began copywriting for a broad range of clients in wellness industries. She wanted to go beyond storytelling, and help businesses develop authentic relationships with their customers. Eventually she became Communications Manager for an emergency services firm. Throughout this role, she learned more about branding, built lifelong client relationships, and found a natural love for marketing. Always ambitious, she set her sights on becoming a marketing copywriter, and made it happen.

Lee’s writing style stirs emotion in her audience by use of relatability and sharp humour. If she can’t make you have a good cry, she’ll definitely make you laugh. Her published works have been widely praised for their honesty, helping the community feel less isolated. Her former editor at HuffPost once remarked that “(Lee) is one of the few I’ve worked with who almost makes the comment section tempting to read. Almost.” It is with this writing style that she helps clients attract business. Like any writer, Lee relies too heavily on coffee and is quickly running out of space to hold all of her books. She is a frequent visitor of the batting cages with her best friend, where a lot of her ideas flow, and she will try any sport at least once. She is a dedicated mother of two active kids, too many houseplants, and a very sleepy Great Dane.

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