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Lexus Pleau


Lexus is a BBA graduate from Mount Royal University with a terrible habit of buying books faster than she can read them, and an inability to finish her coffee before it gets cold. Ironically- as socially awkward as she can be – she started off her marketing career as a Social Media Coordinator, but quickly realized her spotlight was behind the writing. Her admiration of Gonzo journalism and appetite for great novels founded her passion in copywriting and eagerness to prove herself as a worthy writer. Now she is fascinated by discovering the voice of a brand and is able to take on many forms of writing. From email campaigns and website copy to research articles, Lexus loves to use personality and humour to conceptualize an intriguing brand persona.
In her spare time, you can find Lexus engrossed in a novel, obsessively searching for rare vinyl records, or getting obliterated in Call of Duty while her dog watches sympathetically.

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