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Marc Boivin

Marketing Strategist

Marc has extensive background in the field of marketing. He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary with a major in Marketing. Marc has worked in a variety of areas, including New Product Development, Marketing Research, and Marketing Consulting. He received his MBA from McGill University in 2002, with a specialization in Strategy.
Marc has consulted for organizations for more than 20 years in many areas, including small businesses, non-profit, community groups, government and other public sector firms. Marc’s focus has been on working with clients who require marketing strategy solutions and he has developed numerous marketing plans and strategy documents for clients. Marc has been an Instructor at the Haskayne School of Business since 2005 and has taught courses in introductory marketing, business-to-business marketing and marketing strategy. Marc is a co-author of one of the top-selling Marketing Principles textbooks in Canada.

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