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Phalan Grof

Sales & Growth Specialist

Phalan is a passionate believer that sales doesn’t have to be hard or feel slimy. She is a bold advocate for integrity selling through customer relationships rather than traditional sales tactics.
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Phalan developed an independent spirit at a young age and used that to begin her long-term career in sales and customer service. Her experience in outside sales, retail sales, manufacturing sales, customer relations, and community management has given her a breadth of experience to pull from when working with her clients.
Phalan has always been a creative powerhouse fueled by her intuition and a talent to work with others. She merged her natural abilities with education when she completed her coach training in 2010 with The Coaches Training Institute.Phalan’s clients rave about her ability to uncover the “big picture”, intuitively know when to push further, and are drawn to her authentic no B.S. approach to sales. She continually creates big change for clients.

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