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Saqib Tariq


With a marketing degree from Haskayne School of Business, Saqib Tariq partly missed the “fun and games” boat of marketing but in fact got all the research, strategy and the planning side. While most people jump to the execution, Saqib is all about having the right strategy, then executing sustainable marketing actions, which generate consistent results.He is the founder and principal of Panel Marketing Inc incorporated in 2011. He is in business since 17 years of age and also owns a successful media business of over 13 employees.
While enabling its growth for the last 14 years, the business has won 18 awards including: PGIB Small Business Award 2006, Consumer Choice Award 2010, MMP Top Achievement in Marketing 2007, 2008, 2009, Top Appearance Award, 125,150, and 200 Star Club Award as well as the million dollar club award.Saqib specializes in strategy, planning and implementation to help businesses in retail, B2B, and not-for-profit agencies.

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