Acquiring New Patients

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It’s about the journey

When a prospective patient is looking for a new clinic, practitioner, or service how do they begin their research? Do they ask their friends, family, work, or insurance provider? Do they Google, ask on social media, or recall a brand that they are familiar with? It all depends on what stage they are at in their patient journey.

Acquiring new patients can be done through multiple sources including online and offline marketing campaigns. These can account for where patients are situated in their patient journey; whether they are considering booking, are ready to book, or are just starting their research.

What is the best way to get new patients?

The simple answer is from multiple sources. Think of it as similar to investing in multiple sources of income or having a balanced portfolio. At Panel, our research suggests that there is a myriad of ways prospective patients find the clinic of their choice. Furthermore, there are numerous reasons why they choose to stay with their clinic in the long run. Imagine if you could dominate 80%-90% of those channels from which clinics may receive customers. You would not only acquire the most number of new patients but you would also establish a greater market share among the competitors in your market.

We understand that each clinic is unique in their practitioners, brand, and patients which is why we work with each clinic to create a unique strategy that works for them. This develops sustainable marketing for the long run while being simple, easy, and inexpensive. Our strategy’s core goal is to help you attract patients by demonstrating that you prioritize their wellness.

How many patients will I get with Panel?

Our clinics are converting 50-300 new patients per month. It all depends on the clinic’s location, number of practitioners, size of their market, and their competitiveness.

How do I know that it works?

Each month we measure the number of new patients acquired and the channels that they came from. We are unique in that our metrics are tied with your clinic’s, thus these metrics matter to us as much as they do to you.


We do what works

Referrals from doctors may work significantly better with one clinic than another. Additionally, Google Search Ads in one location may surpass the performance in another location. There is no silver bullet. We execute marketing campaigns that are researched and custom curated for you. Which is why we don’t just focus on digital marketing. We are also experts of direct mail, signage and printed material, and clinic experience. We work on one single goal for your clinic: acquiring new patients.


Quality over quantity

At Panel we don’t work with every clinic. Instead, we work with a select group to ensure they are successful. We ensure quality through the experience and acumen of our team. We also maintain a high standard of deliverables with our quality checks and process. Consequentially, if you are successful in the long run, then we will be too. Find out more about our commitment to quality on the About Us page.


A process that works

We believe that process is the foundation to success. Our process includes rigorous planning, insightful research, and strategic execution. We work with you as little or as much as you want, either way, we promise to never leave you out of the conversation. To learn more about our process head to the About Us page.

Our clients are transforming patient experience

A team that cares

We are a team of passionate and research-driven healthcare marketers with the collective ambition to strengthen your clinic’s marketing. We are also healthcare patients that have experienced the time and effort healthcare professionals place into their patient’s wellbeing. At Panel, we aim to extend your clinic’s marketing the same amount of care. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the multi-faceted and fast-paced world of healthcare marketing, which is why we have been able to help clinics across Canada grow their patient base and market share for years.

Let’s talk about your clinic growth

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help your clinic acquire new patients!

Client Testimonials

Dr. Rob Canil

Great team with great results!! Thank you Panel

Tom Stevens

We needed a marketing plan and a website to align our communication and goals. Panel Marketing’s team conducted a thorough competitor analysis followed by a review of all of our marketing and collateral. They modernized our logo and helped us communicate our message clearly. The web development was on point and executed very well! We would highly recommend them to any business looking to grow.

Bill Scott

We required a visual identity for our luxury penthouse suites. Panel was able to bring it to reality with a stunning brand. They executed on our marketing goals of generating consistent bookings directly from our website. Niche campaigns have helped us create a presence in a highly competitive market! Highly recommend Panel and the team for proper marketing!

Dr. Taia Spencer-Yap

The Panel team has been very professional and provide quality, researched marketing services. We especially like how they have in-depth knowledge of the private healthcare field so they can help us with unique issues and solutions

Priya Boyal

The Panel team was very thorough with their research into our niche industry and marketing needs. The marketing plan and strategy were effective and generated key monthly results for us. In addition, they helped us execute major marketing projects to help us increase our revenue.
Thank you!

Dr. Aaron Binstock

I didn’t have the greatest experience with the first marketing firm I used for my business, which made me hesitant to invest in another one. However, Panel was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to do a video call with Saqib to see what he had to offer. Their specificity and attention to detail is what stood out to me. It’s now been 2 years and counting and we couldn’t be happier with the service from top to bottom. Thank you Panel for helping me grow my business.

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