CDAP Digital Advising

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), by the Government of Canada, helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital technologies to increase their competitiveness.

CDAP-Approved Digital Advisor

CDAP Digital Advising for Health Clinics 

At Panel Marketing, we are proud to offer CDAP-approved digital advising for the Boost Your Business Technology Grant.

Not only are we experts in digital marketing, but we are among the few digital marketing firms in the health care sector that offer CDAP digital advising. Which means not only do you get the help from digital marketing experts, but ones who have in-depth understanding of your practice.  





Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine 


Sports Performance 


With Panel Marketing as your Official Digital Advisor, you can:  

Helping you seek approval for BDC funding is only part of Panel’s CDAP Digital Advising service. Our primary focus is making the digital adoption plan relevant, sustainable, and successful for your clinic. At Panel, we create result-driven, knowledge-based strategies for your clinic’s present and future success. 

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Our CDAP Digital Advising Process

First, we take a comprehensive 360 degree look at your clinic to understand your operations, goals, and current state. 

Then we analyze key digital technologies to determine which are the ideal fit for your clinic’s needs. Some key platforms we look at are HRIS, accounting, marketing, KPI tracking, and task management platforms.  

The result is a comprehensive plan that is custom-made for your clinic. Our goal is to provide solutions to the roadblocks that are preventing your business from scaling effectively. With this plan, you can: 


Free up time to work on big picture goals 

Increase clinic profitability 

Automate day-to-day processes 

Improve recruiting and retention 

Manage people easier

… and more!

When you use digital technology to improve your clinic’s processes, you can start scaling sustainably and effectively.

Digital Technology is Transforming Health Clinics. Use it to Transform Yours. 

  1. Reduce Time Spent
  2. Be an innovator in your industry
  3. Increase your clinic’s profit 

Before we get started: Qualify for CDAP’s Boost Your Business Technology Grant

You only need a few things to qualify. First, you’re the owner or director of your business.  And your business… 

  • Is Canadian-owned 
  • Is for-profit 
  • Has 1 to 499 employees 
  • Has had at least $500,000 in annual revenue in 1 of the last 3 years 

If you qualify, you can receive funding from the BDC for things such as: 

  • Acquiring IT equipment 
  • Installation of new technologies 
  • Updating and/or expanding IT equipment 
  • Training staff on onboarded technologies 

Don’t worry – we’ll go over everything you need to make the most of your funding. You can be rest assured that you’re receiving expert digital advising from people who care about seeing your clinic grow. 

Transform your clinic with the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan.
Transform your clinic with Panel Marketing as your Digital Advisor.

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