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Google Search Ads are powerful

Google something. Anything. What is the first thing you see? A Google Search Ad most likely.
Google Search Ads are paid advertisements that increase your clinic’s awareness, increase your web presence, and help you reach new patients.The power of Google Search Ads is their ability to get you to the top of Google’s search results without having to invest months of work into SEO. You can have your clinic’s healthcare ads show up on top of your competitor’s search results and the only time you will pay is when your ad is clicked.

Your patient’s journey starts on Google

Healthcare consumers are avid researchers when it comes to finding the right clinic. In fact, 67% of healthcare consumers look for clinics using search engines (Dialog Tech, 2020). Furthermore, 64% of consumers researching chiropractors and 84% of consumers researching physiotherapists will try a search online before booking an appointment (Dialog Tech, 2020). This shows that many healthcare consumer’s journeys start by running a search online. In 2018, Google’s advertising platform was responsible for “$335 billion in economic activity for millions of businesses” (Google, 2018). In addition, 1 billion health questions are searched on Google every day (Drees, 2019). This shows that Google is a powerhouse for advertising and a starting point healthcare consumer’s journeys.

The benefits of search ads

Google Search Ads help you generate new patients by showing up as a first result when patients are looking for health clinics. They help you create brand awareness, sales, leads, and increase consultations, all while you continue to focus on treating patients. Major benefits include the time saved from doing SEO for your clinic’s marketing and the measurable results. Clinic owners will have an extensive reach for their budget and the patient’s pain points are reduced when they save time looking for a clinic and immediately find one that they can trust.

Expertly crafted strategies

We have experience working on countless Google Search Ads for clients which has given us insight on the keywords that are used most for clinics across Canada. Google Search Ads take time, constant adjustment, and monitoring; we know how busy you are with patients, which is why we focus on optimizing your Google Search Ads so you see results. We ensure your ads are effective by adjusting or developing landing pages for your clinic that will convert prospective patients.


A process that works

We believe that process is the foundation to success. Our process includes rigorous planning, insightful research, and strategic execution. We work with you as little or as much as you want, either way, we promise to never leave you out of the conversation. To learn more about our process head to the About Us page


Quality over quantity

At Panel, we spend the time to produce quality work as opposed to turning out quick, templated items. We ensure the quality of our Google Ads by conducting thorough research and working with teams of marketers that have past experience with successful ad campaigns. We also perform our due diligence through quality checks that review every aspect of your ad. If an ad is not seeing results we remedy it by implementing previously successful tactics, or we go back to the drawing board and re-strategize. Find out more about our commitment to quality on the About Us page.

A team that cares

We are a team of passionate and research-driven healthcare marketers with the collective ambition to strengthen your clinic’s marketing. We are also healthcare patients that have experienced the time and effort healthcare professionals place into their patient’s wellbeing. At Panel, we aim to extend your clinic’s marketing the same amount of care. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the multi-faceted and fast-paced world of healthcare marketing which is why we have been able to help clinics across Canada grow their patient base and market share.

Let’s talk search ads

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