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Each clinic is unique, so why shouldn’t their marketing be? We don’t believe in providing cookie cutter solutions or packages to help clients grow. We take the headache of marketing, advertising, service, pricing, surveys and analysis away from the clinic owners. This enables the clinic owners to do what they love doing most at the clinic or outside of it.

We have created marketing plans and managed marketing for several clinics across Canada and we understand the challenges that clinic owners face. These include:

  1. Growing your clinic.
  2. Owners being the bottleneck and the primary revenue drivers of the clinic.
  3. Owners not having enough time to do any administrative or management work.
  4. Practitioner motivation and recruitment.
  5. The customer service that is provided by the front desk staff.

Marketing and advertising for medical clinics is not an easy task. The following are some challenges:

  • Marketing and regulatory rules from associations such as: physiotherapy colleges, college of physicians, college of chiropractors, etc.
  • Health services cannot be marketed in the same manner as other services.
  • Too much advertising of a clinic can be perceived as a sales center as opposed to a health center.
  • Practitioner turnover can cause revenue declines specifically when practitioners are marketed for an extended period.
  • Increased competition from new clinics in closer proximities.
  • Limitations that arise from the number of treatment rooms within the location.

At Panel we have an outstanding track record growing multiple and independent clinics across Canada.

Over time we have led clinics to 40% growth year after year. We have developed brands, trained administrative staff, trained practitioners, developed customer journeys, customer experience, and much more.

Contact us to learn more and we will be happy to discuss the solutions that we can deliver for you.

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