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A company’s management team always assumes the customer service and experience are excellent, but are they really? In a purpose driven, customer first, customer focused market place. the experience is vital to the success of your growth.

A 2010 Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive stated that 9 out of 10 customers would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.

Customer service is the most overlooked part of business operations. Everyone feels that they are good customer service providers and that their customer service works. However, an independent study of more than 200 U.S. organizations found that more than 60% of all customer service provided in America is average or worse (Toxic). The average person with a complaint will tell roughly 16 others of their frustration, a domino effect that has only been magnified by current technology.

It is therefore time to rethink your customer service offering, the relationship building and conversational etiquettes. With more competitors in the city and increasing direct and indirect competition it is vital for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Excellent customer service, as a differentiator, is not a winner it is a qualifier.

Companies struggle to differentiate themselves by quality, distribution, price or service. Given consumer demands each business is now becoming two parts, a digital retailer as well as a storefront (if it still strategic). The challenge is that online retailers have significantly advanced their customer experience and service to make up for the lack of personal service or mitigate any inconvenience. This raises the bar quite high as shoppers are now perceiving great customer experience as the norm. So, if your business provides good customer service, you may be dissatisfying customers as the bar is set at great.

At Panel Marketing first we mystery shop and understand your customer experience. Are you good, bad or excellent? By understanding the process your customers must take to purchase something and return something we can experience the service. We then compare your service to your direct competitors.

Next, we lay out a plan to strategically surpass the competitors by at least 30%. This gives your business the competitive edge, your revenue to become self sustainable and gives your customers something to talk about.

Contact us to learn more and we will be happy to discuss the solutions that we can deliver for you.

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