Customer Journey

Consumer buying behaviour is never linear or predictable, yet customers have countable ways to purchase and countable needs. Customer Journey is mapping the following phases:

  • Research Phase
  • Pre-Experience
  • Experience
  • Post Experience

Through understanding the customer journey we question the following:

  • Is the brand represented consistently across the customer journey?
  • Are there exit points in the journey that can be looped back?
  • Where are the upsell opportunities in the journey?
  • Is any part of the journey failing?
  • Is any part of the journey too long, too complex or redundant?
  • How can technology enable ease in any part of the journey?
  • If customers find your business through one research step, how can we dominate that step in the long term?
  • How can we dominate all research channels to become the first in the marketplace?
  • And much more…

Customer Journey mapping is arduous and complex. It is a visual construction of all the numerous paths a customer can take.

Understanding, planning and executing a customer journey map can unlock strategic actions to dominate your industry, and in the long term.

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