At Panel, we conduct our own research on multiple subjects such as consumers, trends, media usage, health, clinics, practices, and behavior to curate in-house research. This ensures that we stay at the leading edge of marketing and leave no stone unturned with client’s marketing execution.

How do you name your healthcare clinic?

 In our most recent study we reviewed 1,499 Canadian chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics to determine what commonly makes up their names. Our research led us to some interesting answers.

Do you actively implement compassionate care?

We’re sure that you’ve heard about compassionate care and how beneficial it is. In fact, you may even have been told that you are not being compassionate enough. But author Stephen Trzeciak has some compelling reasons to consider how much compassion you implement into your care. Click read more to learn these reasons.

What is broad based marketing?

You may have 50 patients that need your services now, but you also have 500 patients that will need your services later. If your marketing is just focused on the 50 patients with lead generation, new patient acquisition or conversions tactics then you may always be buying leads or hunting for new patients. Read more to gain a deeper understanding of why you should consider broad based marketing.

11 Strategies to use to market your medical practice in Canada

A medical practice isn’t just about opening a clinic and waiting for patients to fill your schedule. You need to promote your services and the benefits that your patients will experience using your clinic. This requires increasing your brand’s presence online and offline. Read more to learn about 11 marketing strategies that you can use for your medical practice.

How many Google reviews are enough?

At Panel, we researched 10 chiropractic and physiotherapy focussed clinics per major city in Canada and compiled data from the 667 clinics who had Google reviews. We discovered that the industry average for Google reviews received is 18. The median is 19, while the most recurring number of reviews is 16. Yet, most clinics in 2021 far exceed that number. Would a prospective patient pick a clinic who has 1,000 reviews as opposed to 750?

Do years in business impact the number of practitioners employed?

In a study conducted by Panel Marketing in 2019, we reviewed Canadian clinics to determine if there is a correlation between the number of years a clinic has been in business and the number of practitioners they employ. We gathered data from 667 chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics in major cities nationwide to conduct this study

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