Web Design

At Panel Marketing we take pride in designing successful websites which convert visitors into customers. Now more than ever before, websites need to be exceptionally user-friendly and optimized for customer experience; we work closely with our advisory panel of experts to learn about the changing needs and trends in industry, ensuring we create websites which reflect this knowledge at every step. More and more practitioners are opening up their own clinics, increasing competition and the need to differentiate themselves in the community. Research shows that prospective customers compare multiple options online, and only when they have made a decision do they make a call; at Panel Marketing, we help companies develop all-encompassing websites which are engaging, cost-effective and fully optimized, to make sure you’re their first choice. Our clients enjoy the following:

  • Higher conversion rate from traffic to prospect to end customer.
  • Higher engagement from current patients.
  • Increased cross-selling opportunities, engaging current customers with further offerings.
  • Marketable pages and landing pages.
  • Integrations with software such Clinico and Jane App.
  • Google Analytics setup to track, monitor and analyze in-depth detail about the visitors to your website.
  • Increased customer loyalty and trust.
  • Overall increase in customer base and revenue.

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